Why should I outsource interviews?

I have enough in-house interviewers.  Why should I engage with an "Interview as a Service" service provider?

People are the most important asset of any organization.  Employees are hired to work on their core deliverables.  For growing companies, unfortunately a lot of time is spent by hiring team in initial few rounds of interviews.  FloCareer platform and services enable hiring teams of the organization to focus on their core and only deal with a subset of qualified leads.  Apart from that, FloCareer platform provides many other critical benefits such as faster turn around time, better employer branding, data driven approach in hiring, standardizing interview process, auto scheduling and auto cancellation of interviews and much more. 

In short, three key reasons our customers outsource their interviews to us are:

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Faster Turn-Around-Time
  3. Employer Branding