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Our Skills Validation Platform that combines Mentor’s human touch with Technology aided filtering adds the missing link in hiring cycle. We ensure the best Pre-assessed, Pre-interviewed and well-mentored candidates are made available to you.
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Our unique FloScore will help you pick candidates who are best at their job. A holistic measurement quotient combining Psychometric, Aptitude and Emotional intelligence.
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We ensure a subject matter expert (mentor) interacts with candidate before scheduling an interview, leading to higher success rate & better understanding of candidate’s profile.
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Quantifying Efficiently: Interview to Hire Ratio
Hiring Portals and
Resume Repositories
100 : 1
Linkedin with reference
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20 : 1
Hire Smart with
3 : 1
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Get Insight at candidates’ qualities which arenot easy to judge in an interview:
self motivation, learning quotient etc. And check progress on self-learning before hiring
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Get insight at candidates’ qualities that are not easy to judge in an interview: Self-motivation, learning quotient etc. Check progress on self-learning before hiring.
We were struggling to hire Software Developer with full Java stack expertise for months. With FloCareers's help, we were able to hire a candidate after just 4 face to face interviews! We were getting regular updates on the progress made on our requisite and the corporate login gave us full transparency on candidates test results, mentor's feedback on candidates and so on..
Srinivas M.
Founder and CEO, Turaco Mobiles
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